MYcroSchool Jacksonville Charter High School

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Charter High School is a tuition-free charter school that provides students a chance to earn a standard High School Diploma in Jacksonville, Florida. The school is in the Duval County School District. The school provides a flexible schedule with early and late class sessions, so students can finish high school under any circumstances.

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Charter High School
1584 Normandy Village Pkwy Ste 25
Jacksonville, FL 32221

Phone: (904) 783-3611
Fax: (904) 783-3703

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Office Hours: Open Close
Monday 7:30am 3:30pm
Tuesday 7:30am 3:30pm
Wednesday 7:30am 3:30pm
Thursday 7:30am 3:30pm
Friday 7:30am 3:30pm
MYcroSchool Jacksonville Charter High Schools
School Hours: Open Close
Early Session 7:30am 12:30pm
Late Session 12:30am 5:30pm

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Get Back on Track

MYcroSchool Jacksonville Charter High School seeks to provide students who have not been successful in the traditional system an innovative “micro-high school” setting. This is done through passionate teachers who foster academic achievement and 21st century workplace-readiness skills in a high-tech, high-touch, small-learning environment. MYcroSchool re-engages disenfranchised students to get them back on track to complete their secondary education in a classroom lab where the focus is on rigor, relevance and relationships.

The learning process at MYcroSchool is personal and occurs one-on-one, in small groups and alone. It features an academic program that is outcome-based rather than seat-time dependent, so students can build their skill sets, reach their potential and achieve goals. MYcroSchool offers flexibility of scheduling using open entry-exit enrollment options and blended-learning opportunities like technological opportunities for lifelong learning. This includes free digital textbooks, access to online learning opportunities, open-source and free software.

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Sharing the news with the community
Published 7/30/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
MYcroSchool can't wait to open its doors in Jacksonville and St. Petersburg this fall. With just 250 spots in each of these tuition-free schools, we want to make sure that the community... read more ❯

Uniform Information
Published 7/26/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
All MYcroSchool students wear uniforms of blue shirts and khaki pants. The dark blue collared shirts can be short or long-sleeved. The khakis must be pants. Please contact us if you have any... read more ❯

Come see us at Orange Park Mall
Published 7/17/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
MYcroSchool Jacksonville plans to be at the Orange Park Mall for the next few weekends starting on July 28. If you have questions about the school or are going to be a student this fall, please stop by to say... read more ❯

The first step to enroll in MYcroSchool
Published 7/16/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
Whether you are a prospective student or the parent of a prospective student, one of the first steps to learning more about a MYcroSchool campus is to complete the Student Interest Form. A caring staff member will get back to you with information and suggestions for next steps to get you back on-track to high school graduation. There is no obligation to enroll and no fees. But if you think... read more ❯

Everything you wanted to know about MYcroSchool, and then some
Published 7/11/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
The new white paper on MYcroSchool was released this week. This publication provides explanation of some of the key elements of the MYcroSchool model including individualized learning plans, competency-based learning, and small learning communities. There is discussion of the educational philosophies that are a foundation of the school model. MYcroSchool is focused on credit recovery, dropout... read more ❯

Celebrate New School Openings!
Published 7/9/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
The new ribbon cutting dates for the MYcroSchool Pinellas in St. Petersburg and for MYcroSchool Jacksonville have been updated. Welcome MYcroSchool Pinellas on Tuesday, August 14 at 10:30 am. The ceremony will be held outside in front of the new school located on 840 Third Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. The grand opening of MYcroSchool Jacksonville will be held on Wednesday,... read more ❯

Save the Date - Open Houses for New School Sites
Published 4/3/2012 in Florida Charter Schools
Save the dates! These are the tentatively scheduled ribbon cutting ceremonies and open houses for the new schools: MYcroSchool Pinellas and MYcroSchool Jacksonville. MYcroSchool Pinellas - Open House Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012 - 10:30 am MYcroSchool Jacksonville - Open House Thursday, August 15, 2012 - 9:00 am These dates and times are tentative and subject to change. Please email... read more ❯